Hi! I’m Kimberly Goodson.  Click on the video below for a brief welcome and overview:

Welcome to Ginkgo – Integrative Health Coaching by Kimberly Goodson, L.L.C.!

I am an Integrative Health Coach trained through Duke Integrative Medicine’s Integrative Health Coaching Professional Training program in 2015.  I am also a Certified Level 1 Paraprofessional Diabetes Educator through the American Association of Diabetes Educators.  I am located in Durham, North Carolina, and my specialty lies in working with people impacted by Type 1 Diabetes.

Through my IHC practice, I strive to empower each individual to discover, achieve, and sustain his or her optimal health goals.   Just as Ginkgo trees represent lasting peace, hope, vitality and love, my coaching techniques equip my clients to create long-lasting habits that establish unique, vibrant, full, and balanced lives.

As your personal Integrative Health Coach, I will listen to you, challenge you to dig down deep to your roots, and nurture you with accountability to help you grow and reach the goals you set.  Together, we will build a partnership whose sole purpose is to empower you to live the healthiest, most radiant life you envision.

It’s all about YOU!  And it all starts with you.  All you have to do is meet me at the tree!

Having the chance to work Kimberly was such a positive experience for me. Not having too much support and contact with the greater T1D community beforehand, her perspective enabled me to explore more of the personal obstacles I face with my diabetes. Having a coach that can easily relate to the constant challenges and feelings that arise with T1D has played such a crucial role in evaluating and “being in tune” with my needs as a T1D. She builds on your strengths and creates a way for you to incorporate those strengths into your self-care plan, which makes it more meaningful. Throughout my time working with Kimberly she was always a patient, empathic, and optimistic coach, continuously cheering me on for every victory I made. She is absolutely wonderful and I am so grateful to the journey we were able to have throughout this process!  – C.J. | Raleigh, NC


*If you’d like more information, please feel free to contact me.